Reflection 13 & 14 ( Final presentation )

     Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone.Today,on 1st July 2013 I would like to write my last post about LEARNER DIVERSITY.when I see my post before,it was wrote on 1st May and it has been 2 months I left my blog without any update..I felt bad. huhu.:(  Seems like I have many things to do ,lots of assignments ,projects and presentations that make me forget about my blog for a while.

I just cant remember what happened after the last presentation on my birthday, 25th April since I missed my posts and I think its not good to left my blog without the closure since it taught me a lot.Let me list out the dates after 25th April that might me possible for me to rewind,refresh and remember back 🙂

~ 2th May 

~9th May

~16th May 

~23th May

~30th May

    After I list out all the tutorial dates,now I remember the presentation for the KIT was made on 30th May which is the last day for the classes. After that I’ve been busy with study week and final exam and now ,after few days at home I had the courage to write this post. 🙂

    Since I forgot about whats going on the last 4 tutorial classes,I would like to conclude that the dates was given to us to prepare for our KIT presentation.

But on 2nd May, Ayie and her partner, Prasna, Kak Ika and Ekin was presenting their tutorial questions and it should be my reflection number 13 but I think it might be okay if I compile it with this reflection.For Ayie and Prasna ,they was presenting about 1 Malaysia.

1 malaysia

1 Malaysia is created that has vision to have 1 Nation and the equality for all.There are 8 components of 1 Malaysia such as education,integrity and facilities.But it is not easy to achieve it.There are obstacles but we still have the ways to overcome it.1 Malaysia was introduced by our Prime Minister,Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak and it got supports from everyone.Next presentation is by Kak Ika and the last person who had presented is Ekin.E kin was presenting about MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES and she presented it well with all the examples.

On 30th May, we had our last presentation and for the presentation, another group join our group to do the presentation.First presenter was Adira’s group and the had presented about dyslexia which is the difficulty to read and the prepared a video acted by themselves and the main character was played by Jannah and it really make us touched since she in the video really wants to read but she just have problems.She wants to be like others and it shows that this kind of kid really need support from eldest especially from the teachers and parents.She does not seek for the sympathy at all.

     Second presenter was Farahafizah’s group and my group presented after her group. My group prepared two powerpoints about autism and multiple intelligences ,posters and also two videos about boths topics.The topics was given to us by Ummi. I’m quite satisfied with our presentations and I would like to thanks to my group members for the cooperation given. I played the roles as autistic children and it is not easy as what we think.Autistic  children is unique,special and really special. ‘They are different but not less’. What I want to emphasized here is the relations between autism and multiple intelligences. I can conclude that although autistic children is a special need students but they also has their own intelligences.  For example Temple Grandin  ,although she is autistic but she is genius and I can say that she is clever than others. 

     Being special need students is not what they wanted but it is their fate.As others,do not blame them and try to under estimate them because sometimes they can be better than normal person.

     I think that is all for my last reflection. I would like to thanks Ummi because you have been our educator for two semesters and I would like to have you again if possible in next semester :). This course,Learner Diversity really exposed me to the diversity of learners and how to get along with all of them. Thanks Ummi.Thanks everyone.Thanks all.Till that.Thank you.

p/s : I’m sorry I’m not upload any pictures because I do not take it on presentation day and I do not upload the video since it is with Imran and I forgot to take it. 🙂


But here is our powerpoint made by myself about multiple intelligences MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES

For the posters and videos Ummi can view it through Imran’s blog because he has all of it.
Here is the link for his blog.

Thank you.


Reflection 12 ~~meaningful day vs presentations ( Nisa,Imran,Ana)


Assalamualaikum and good morning everyone. I’m late again.1 week left behind.huhu.and I forgot to do my reflection on last week’s tutorial. Actually I remember it but because I’m quite lazy for this time, I’m being late..haha… Okay, let’s proceed to our main topic. For the last week’s tutorial, on 25th April which is my birthday,  Ana with her partner presented on Learning disabilities. There are many types of disabilities. Examples are :

  1. Dyslexia   ~ difficulty in reading
  2. Disgraphia ~ difficulty in writing
  3. Discalculia ~ difficulty in math and logic
  4. Aphasia  ~ difficulty in language
  5. Dispraxia ~ difficulty in motor skills.

So, as a teacher, we need to know our students’ ability and disability. In my opinion, I feel grateful because I had been exposed and with these terms and disabilities. So, if my future students has the signs of disabilities, then I will know how to treat them because they are different from the others. It is unfair for them if we treat them like the other normal students.Imran also provides and presented about the ways on how we need to take care of the special needs students. Different ways for different needs of students.

After Imran and Ana finished their presentation, then it comes to my turn. My question is “List down five members in multi-disciplinary team. Then, describe their respective roles”. This question is about the persons who are responsible for student’s success but in individual. Examples, we can have counselor, general educator, special educator, parents, teacher and students itself.  The members of multi-disciplinary can be changed any time depends on the student’s performance. Sometimes the student don’t have to get fully attention from the counselor and sometimes she or he need it.Here is my powerpoint about MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAMS. multidisciplinary

So, it depends on the situation. I think that’s all from me for now. Thank you.

#Thanks to my lovely classmates for the ‘birthday song’.  🙂

Reflection 11 ~~Presentations (Jannah,Nora, Veni,Farah)


       Assalamualaikum and have a nice day to everyone. I think it has been two weeks I did not post any reflections. I’m sorry Ummi because I did not post the reflection on the right time. Too much works until I almost forgot this task. Big apologize to you Ummi.

      Okay,for now I will recap for the last two weeks presentations. As I remember , Jannah and Nora be the first group presented their questions. Nora started it first with her question followed by Jannah. Nora’s question was ‘ Describe learner diversity in Malaysia.’ As a teacher-to-be, we need to understand the learner diversity.There are 9 dimentions of diversity such as culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, learning style, personality and also educational background.  As Ministry of Education & School administrations they should execute the awareness programs and improve facilities for teachers and students.

       Next , Jannah has presented about on ‘how education for all can be achieved’? I think it is an interesting question to be discuss with. J The government and society should play their own roles. As government, there are few things they need to do such as :

  • Make sure primary education is compulsory for all the children
  • Students need to mastering 3M
  • Build special schools for special children
  • Focusing on co-curriculum and curriculum syllabus
  • Give financial help for those needed

As society , they should aware about the importance of education for their future.Then I was quite attracted with the open discussion that has been said by Jannah .It is all about the FREE EDUCATION. In my opinion , I’m not agreed with the FREE EDUCATION that has been mentioned by the opposition side of government. It is not because I’m rich or I afford to pay all the fees by my own. I bet it must be many person who thinks that I’m selfish but I have my own reasons. First and the most important thing is the free education will make the students because lazy. It is because they can get everything for free. They don’t have to study hard to get better and the best result to enter the university because they can study even until PhD although they dont get the enough result to get in there. I know some of us says that it is good for the poor students but I don’t think it will be the reason because they have PTPTN. I’m just a daughter by a single mother and I did not get PTPTN but I got loan from Yayasan Negeri. Yes, I need to pay back but I know it is my responsibility because it is my education,it is for my future. Please don’t hope everything for free because people don’t appreciate the free things, they will have the awareness when they need to pay back. Then, I salute to non bumiputera students like Chinese and Indians because they always struggle to get first class. Then they don’t have to pay the loan back. But everything must have something in return. To get the free education or free loan, they struggle to be the best. Its worthy.i’m sorry if anyone who reads this did not agree with me. You have your own opinion and so do I  🙂


Farah Yusoff was next the presenter with her question “Describe five feature

behaviors towards low achievers mentioned by Kauffman”. There are :

1)Consistent in responding children’s behavior

2) Providing instruction that is useful to children

3) Rewarding the right behavior

4) The demands appropriate for children’s abilities

5) Try a different approach / seek for help

While Veni was presenting about Public Law and inclusion that is set up to take care of special needs students’ rights.I think that’s all from me for now. Wait for my next reflection 


Reflection 10~~ Presentations (Adira,Nadia,Yasmin)


  Assalamualaikum and have a nice day everyone.I’m really busy this week. and next week will be a hectic week because there are many presentation and I need to present my micro teaching.Nothing much to say for introduction and this might be a short and simple tutorial as I need to review waht has been presented by my three beloved friends during tutorial last week.

  Adira was the first presenter ( not Adira AF okayy ) and she explained to us about SAALE Model.SAALE Model is used to fit student’s needs. It is a systematic approach that can be used for adapting learning environment.It has three components which is adapting environment, adapting instructional environment and adapted evaluation.

   Next presenter was Nadia. At first, she looks nervous but she manged to present about 20minutes alone.I salute her because her work always good 🙂 She present about AUTISM. As I mentioned in previous reflection, autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Generally there are four major characteristics of autism. As I understand , the autistic person has their own symptoms or signs such as in the film ‘Temple Grandin’, temple doesnt like when the others try to touch her even her own mom.Other than that, the most sign that I think we can notice it in easiest way is they are difficult to dealing with changes of routine.For example,when she or he woke up in th morning,they will take bath first then get breakfast,but if you try to change it for eaxmple ask her or him to breakfast first then take bath they will feel difficult with it although it is a simple thing.

  Last but not least, Yasmin being the last presenter for the day. She presented us about Down Syndrome Children. Before she proceed to the explanation,she show us a video about down sydrome children.If I’m not mistaken, Down Sydrome happens when there are chromosome 21 in our brain.Other than that, we can find that their features are almost same.

    As a conclusion,they have done a very good job 🙂

Till that,that’s all for now.I leave all of you with a picture that can remind us always..For myself and others 🙂


Reflection 9~Down Syndrome

“The are really special,never underestimate them.Getting know them before making any assumptions”.

Assalamualaikum and have a nice day to everyone.How are you guys?I hope everyone is doing fine. If I am not mistaken,Ummi had asked us to watch movie that related to Down Syndrome. The term seems familiar,right?But do we really understand what is Down Sydrome?we make our own assumpptions without doing or reading about it.SOO,FOR TODAY I would like to talk about Down Sydrome based on my reading.Down Syndrome is named after JOHN LANGDON DOWN, the British doctor who first described the condition in 1887.

Down syndrome (DS), also called Trisomy 21, is a condition in which extra genetic material causes delays in the way a child develops, both mentally and physically. It affects about 1 in every 800 babies born in the United States.

The physical features and medical problems associated with Down syndrome can vary widely from child to child. While some kids with DS need a lot of medical attention, others lead healthy lives.

Though Down syndrome can’t be prevented, it can be detected before a child is born. The health problems that may go along with DS can be treated, and many resources are available to help kids and their families who are living with the condition.

It is more easier to be understand that DS is happens because of extra chromosome was identified in the body than the normal chromosome.The normal chromosome is 46 but for the most cases of DS,there will be 47 chromosomes.

If we notices,most of DS children or person will have quite similar faces like the picture below.




images (4)

images (5)


In the pictures above,we can see that the Down Syndrome children have almost similar faces especially at their eyes,nose and mouth.Nowadays,it is easier for us to identify the DS students. Most of DS children are educated in regular or normal schools but they will be placed in special need students classes and there are parents who send their children who has DS at the private institutions.

In my opinion,it is depends on the parents.They have the rights to choose the best for their children.It just a reminder for the teachers outside who might have DS students,please give them your attention because they really need it.Do not blame them if they are weak because teachers’ job is to educate students. They are special.

I think that is all for now.Till we meet in the next reflection. 🙂

Reflection 8~KOLB Learning Styles

        Assalamualaikum and a very good morning everyone.for today’s reflection,i will reflect about kolb learning styles.this leaning styles was introduced by david is the theory that is combinations of perceiving and processing four learning styles that make up a learning cycle. The learning cycle involves four proceses that must be present for learning to occur which is DIVERGING, ASSIMILATING, CONVERGING  &  ACCOMODATING.

Here is the diagram about kolb learning styles.It is not mine and I take it from google images for my reference 🙂 



Diverging (concrete, reflective) – It emphasizes the innovative and imaginative approach to doing things. The learner views concrete situations from many perspectives and adapts by observation rather than by action. Interested in people and tends to be feeling-oriented. Likes such activities as cooperative groups and brainstorming.


Assimilating (abstract, reflective) – For this style, the learners pulls a number of different observations and thoughts into an integrated whole. Likes to reason inductively and create models and theories. They likes to design projects and experiments.


Converging (abstract, active)- The learners emphasizes the practical application of ideas and solving problems.They  likes decision-making, problem-solving, and the practicable application of ideas. Prefers technical problems over interpersonal issues.


Accommodating (concrete, active) – Uses trial and error rather than thought and reflection. Good at adapting to changing circumstances; solves problems in an intuitive, trial-and-error manner, such as discovery learning. They also tends to be at ease with people.

I can conclude that these kind of learning styles is actually existed among us.Teachers can use this kind of learning styles for their students.

I think that is all from me for now.Thank you 🙂

Reflection 7~~Autism is always unique :)

Assalamualaikum everyone.Sorry for being late 🙂 Okay,let’s proceed to this week’s task.Then we will talk about unnecessary things as I used to do before jump into my reflection.For now,just hold it first.hehe

For this time, Ummi asked us to do reflection on the task that had been given to us last week for the group work.My group had been assigned to do MIND MAP for autism and multiple intelligence.As we have 4 person in a group ,the we divide the task .Nadia and I will do the mind map for autism while Imran and Farah will do the mind map for multiple intelligence.Then we will combine it.Sharing is Caring,right? 🙂

As I need to do the mind map for autism,I would like to share with all of you what is AUTISM?
Autism is known as a complex developmental disability. Experts believe that Autism presents itself during the first three years of a person’s life. The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person’s communication and social interaction skills.

What is the implications that need to be carried for educator that teach students with autism.?Before I go further,I would like to share with all of you this cute pic.


I found this picture was too cute and bring really deep meaning.Autism’s person either children or students is Always Unique,Totally Interesting and sometimes Mysterious.Autism is not a disease.It is something that had been given to special person.That’s why we called them special need children.We cannot cure them.What we can do is to help them and understand them well.They need really full attention.

Back to my task,this is my mind map.Sorry for the uninteresting map because i do it in just a short time.


Let me explain each of them 🙂 These are the implications for educators of autism

1. Structure the learning environment . So that it is predictable and consistent.This includes the physical structure of the classroom,routine,schedules, and teacher behavior.

2. Design instructional program to provide ways to help children learn to communicate.

3. Develop individual and group behavior plans.Set clear instructions, rules and consequences.

4.Identify whether verbal,visual or physical prompts are the most effective and use them as apropriate.

5.Organize classroom layout.Use picture or written labels to mark different areas.

6. Break tasks to be taught into smaller and more manageable steps.

7. Present verbal instructions and directions clearly.

8. Get closer with the family.It is to ensure consistency among schools,home and other settings.

9. Provide parents with relevant and helpful sources of information.

10. Use pictures or written schedules to provide information and predictability to students.

Last but not least,I would like to share this picture.Try to understand it well 🙂


I think that is all for now. 🙂